Almontab Food International Co.

About company

The company was founded in the late twentieth century as one of the companies of the Al-Mintab International Group, and its growth has kept pace with the development taking place within the group, which is commensurate with the economic activity in Yemen in general. The company has worked to establish commercial relationships specific to the company, which have appeal to the consumer in the Yemeni market, and the company still aspires To expand the diversification of its activities in the future and move towards the local products manufacturing sector.

Given that the company is constantly striving to succeed in growing and developing its business in line with the development taking place in the world, it thus seeks to reach global levels and is therefore interested in growing and developing its work team. It has a large team working in both the center and branches in the various governorates of the Republic of Yemen and is still… It aspires to local expansion and global expansion in the future.

Our message

We seek to gain the trust of local and regional markets by providing high-quality food products that meet the needs of consumers, in accordance with the high performance standards that we adopt in our work to achieve our goals, and out of our belief in expansion and spread, our role lies in serving the communities in which we work and to have a major impact on the growth of the economy. The country seeks to manufacture our brands and provide high-end products locally and take them out to the world.

Our vision

To be the first to spread and expand brands and manufacture our quality food products that meet and cover customer needs in a large proportion of the local and regional market by the year 2030 AD.

Our values

  • Commitment to our social responsibility towards society
  • High flexibility in meeting our customers' requirements
  • Honesty in choosing quality brands
  • Credibility and good dealings with all concerned parties
  • Adopting the principle of fair competition
  • Providing our products and services according to the principle of cooperation
  • Developing the capabilities of the work team to create exceptional leadership competencies